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Repair Process


Once your estimate has been approved, and you have authorized repairs; a date for repairs will be set and the initial parts on your estimate will be ordered. If you require a rental vehicle, and the insurance company has not already done so, we will be glad to set up the vehicle rental, and have it ready for you on the day of your repairs.


On the day of your repairs you will drop your vehicle off, and if a rental vehicle has been prearranged for you, we will be happy to get you on your way, or if you need a ride we offer a free local shuttle service to home or work. If you prefer, you can drop your vehicle off the night before, and leave your keys in the drop box.


Your vehicle is then assigned to a technician, and the damaged parts are removed and the vehicle is inspected for any additional damage. An estimate is based on a visual inspection of your vehicle. Now that your vehicle is disassembled for repairs if any hidden damage is identified, the insurance company is notified by one of our staff, and the additional parts are ordered. If it is a customer pay, you will be contacted regarding the additional damage, and a decision will be made on how to proceed.

Straightening & Repair

During the repair process our technicians work to bring your vehicle back to pre-damaged condition through the realignment of damaged parts to original factory specifications. This allows the technician to install, adjust, and fit your replacement parts to ensure that they fit, open and close the way they did before your accident.

Paint Process

Bates Collision uses a high quality paint system designed to reproduce the color and finish your vehicle came with from the factory. Our paint mixing system allows for our certified paint technician to have an unlimited color potential for a perfect paint match every time. Our downdraft paint system provides that the final clear coat application will complete the process for a smooth-durable, high gloss finish that will protect your vehicle for many years to come.

Final Assembly

After the paint is cured the vehicle is ready to be re-assembled. The painstaking process of nuts, bolts, clips, and fasteners that attach everything from doors & mouldings to headlights & grills are systematically re-attached to construct your vehicle to a pre-damaged condition.

The Details

From stripes & emblems to hand wash & vacuum your vehicle will go through our final inspection & check list to make sure that your vehicle is ready for delivery. Our detail department is the chocolate on your pillow! We wash/dry the exterior paying attention to the front bumper area, and the back of mirrors where bugs and grime can accumulate; we clean the interior (door panels, console, dash, seats, and door jambs); we clean all the glass inside and out; we vacuum your interior carpets, seats, and trunk area; and finally we clean your wheels, and dress your tires. From the initial estimate to the final details we want you to be happy that you entrusted your repairs to Bates Collision Center.